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About Household Pet Protection, Inc.

Established, Proven, and Experienced, Household Pet Protection, Inc. (HPPI) has administered over 1,000,000 Pet Health Warranty Contracts for pet stores throughout the United States and Canada for over 34 years.

Recognized by the pet industry as an innovator and leader in pet health, HPPI created the first and only  Pet Health Warranty Program offered by quality Pet Retailers throughout the United States and Canada.

In addition, HPPI has a Verterinary Advisory Committee that addresses and supervises all issues concerning the veterinary community.

The Pet Health Warranty Program was Designed Especially for the Pet Retailer to:
  • Reinforce Consumer Confidence
  • Increase Puppy and Kitten Sales
  • Signify the Store's Commitment to the Sale of Healthy Pets
  • Reduce Administration Expenses
  • Assure Complete Consumer Satisfaction
  • Comply with all Local and State Laws
  • Establish a Competitive Advantage in the Marketplace
  • Clearly Define the Responsibilities of the Pet Store and Pet Owner with Respect to the Pet’s Health

If you are a Pet Retailer interested in offering your valued customers the Pet Health Warranty Program, please click here to contact us.
Participating Pet Retailers throughout the United States and Canada have found the Pet Health Warranty Program to be an important benefit and savings to their operations.

It is a proven marketing fact that people are accustomed to and expect warranty protection for all products sold.

"Together We Can Better Serve the Pet Owning Community"

Household Pet Protection, Inc. is endorsed by the American Canine Association, Inc. and sponsored by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC).

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